Welcome to K8KHW'S Web Page

Allstar Node 45866,27744

IRLP 8322

Echolink Node 444125

Digital / Analog Repeater 443.600+

Wires-x Gateway 146.550 Simplex

Newport Ohio along time ago

Newport ohio

443.600+ Analog/digital


UHF repeater



443.600+ Digital / Analog Repeater


Irlp / Allstar / Echolink

The Repeater is a BridgeComm running 5 watts

into a Henry 100w continues duty amp set

at around 60 watts out of the duplexers through

7/8 Hardline to a DB408 at around the 60 foot

on the tower.

For Dstar set your radio to



Analog use PL 103.5


Fusion Reflector

S.E.O.H YSFReflector


Open for use by all as needed

WIRES-X Gateway

Located near Newport Ohio

Wires-X Gateway on 146.550 Simplex

Node is Linked full time to

Wires-x (Ohio Link 40557)

It can be moved using standard wires-x

commands and will return to Ohio Link

after no use on channel for 10 Minutes.

All are welcome.


Node is 53768 / Room 63768


Washington County Packet

W8ORG-7 Node -1 BBS -10 Winlink

145.690 Part of the DAREN Network of WV

145.070 OHIO D9OH Packet network

System uses linux software with crossover

capabilities between DAREN and D9OH Network


Winlink HF Gateway

Connect to K8KHW on HF Via

3597 dial USB / 3591 dial USB

7101 dial USB / 7067 dial USB

Modes Supported

Pactor I II III

VARA 2750 / 500

ARDOP 2000


Washington County Mesh Network


Node is running AREDN Software

on channel -2 using Rock M2 Node

with a OMNI Commercial Antenna

at 50 foot on the tower

Mesh Node has MESHCHAT

And Packet Node Capabilites


Contact information for using system or

General inquiry E-mail


Or Connect to one of the systems listed

Edited Last on 2-22-2020